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During the junior and senior years, Fellows will engage in supervised research or other comparable activities arranged by their mentors. For this research activity, Fellows will receive a stipend of $4,000.00 per academic year. The purpose of the stipend is to facilitate Fellows’ research activity by relieving them of the need to undertake other work responsibilities. The fellowship should not jeopardize the Fellow’s access to other forms of financial aid that might be available. Institutions should not, therefore, withhold institutional scholarships or grants for which the Fellow is eligible. The student can hold a UNCF/Mellon Fellowship concurrently with other financial awards.



UNCF/Mellon Fellows completing the junior year are eligible to receive a summer stipend in the amount of $4,500.00. The summer stipend can be used on a project or projects that will help to facilitate their research and/or graduate school research activities. In the past, Fellows have traveled to different states and countries to conduct interviews, participated in study abroad programs, completed courses in summer school, purchased books, conducted experiments, and visited graduate schools - the possibilities are virtually limitless! However, please note that computer hardware and clothing cannot be purchased with these funds. Fellows are encouraged to work with their faculty mentor to determine the best use of the stipend. To request these funds, Fellows must complete the Junior Year Summer Stipend Request Form and the Project Description Form. At the end of summer, once Fellows have returned to school for the fall semester, they must complete the Junior Summer Project Summary Form. 

Click here for a copy of the Junior Year Stipend Request Form and Project Description Form.*


UNCF/Mellon Mays Fellows may request up to $800.00 per year for scholarly development. Fellows may use this stipend to assist with expenses related to travel and/or research. For instance, these funds may be used for travel to various conferences, institutions, facilities or any other destination, in an effort to supplement their research and facilitate the graduate school selection process. Fellows may also use this stipend to assist with expenses related to their research needs.  

Click here to access a copy of the Scholarly Development Fund request form.


The International Research Travel Grant is a new initiative designed to support the international/global scholarly interests of UNCF/Mellon Fellows and/or participation in intensive language study programs approved by the UNCF/Mellon Programs Office. These grants may be used to supplement pre-existing study abroad plans or to subsidize a summer or fall/spring semester international engagement (for example, attending a conference abroad, conducting research abroad, etc). A limited number of grants of up to $3,000.00 per Fellow will be awarded each academic year. Fellows must submit this completed form, a proposal supporting their need to travel abroad in order to advance their scholarly inquiry and a budget depicting how the funds will be used in order to advance their scholarly research development. Fellows are required to submit a final report detailing how they were able to accomplish their international research goals. Your Mentor must sign off on your request. 

Click here to access a copy of the International Research Travel Grant request form.

($1,000 for GRE Preparation and $300 for Ph.D. Program Application Fees)

UNCF/Mellon Mays SENIOR Undergraduate Fellows may request a GRE Preparation stipend of up to $1,000.00.  In addition, Fellows may request an additional $300 to cover up to three application fees to Ph.D. programs.  

Click here for a copy of the GRE Preparation Stipend Request Form.

Click here for a copy of the Ph.D. Program Application Fees Stipend Request Form.